When Hans and Margaret Klahr founded H & M Four Slide Inc. in 1978, Hans was well known throughout the industry as a technically brilliant innovator and a savvy entrepreneur. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in the machining industry as well as his reputation for uncompromising quality. Both Hans and Margaret remain active  in  the  operation of  H & M Four Slide today.

In 1983 Hans brought Fred Wyatt Sr. aboard to serve as vice-president of H & M Four Slide. With over 40 years of combined experience, Hans and Fred made a formidable team and together they put H & M Four Slide at the forefront of the metal stamping industry. As the company grew, so did their reputation for quality and precision in the manufacturing of mini miniature precision parts.


At that time, one of there biggest customers was Apple Computer. H & M's machines were running around the clock and they were there manufacturing, inspecting, and shipping products as fast as Apple computer was growing.

With ever growing demand placed on them, Hans and Fred brought in new talent as they took on more critical functions within the company. They enjoyed tremendous success as
H & M grew into the industry leader it is today. The tradition of quality and service they began with continue today.


In 1996 H & M took a set back when Fred Sr. passed away. He did leave his mark on the company however. He is credited with bringing in a new team of talented engineers and designers that carry on H & M's traditions of quality and precision today. Fred's son and grandson are counted among the highly respected staff at H & M today.


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