Prior Scientific Stereo Microscope Magnification 10X, 20X, 35X

At H & M, our goal is to deliver to our customers the best service, finest craftsmanship, and our renowned dedication and integrity. That is our tradition and our promise.
H & M Four Slide has earned a reputation as an industry leader in quality and precision over the past 30 years. With the help of our precision dimensional inspection tools and an experienced and knowledgeable quality control department, our customers can rely on H & M's dedication and commitment to craftsmanship to deliver every order, on time, every time. Our clients depend on H & M to consistently deliver the highest quality precision parts for the medical, dental, automotive, and aerospace industries. You can depend on H & M too.

From our courteous and efficient sales staff to our conscientious inspection crew, you can rest assured you will receive the service you would expect from an industry leader.

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope Magnification 30X , 50X, 100X Surface profile & Oblique illumination Digital Readout with output for SPC interface .00005 Resolution 2” diameter work area on turntable with vernier scale (no digital output)

Quality control at H & M involves control at every step in the manufacturing process from design to delivery. Our Quality Control department utilizes the most sensitive measurement tools to ensure the highest level of quality in every step.

Quality control: our inspectors are not only trained to inspect parts but also to look for ways to improve parts. They are knowledgeable in blueprint readings, digital comparators and optical microscopes. They use a different variety of tools that best fit your company’s need such as micrometers, calipers, pin gauges and slip gauges. Our Inspection department is in constant communication with our tooling staff and shop staff to work together to insure our customer with the best quality product.

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