Four Slide  EDM Comparator


Our specialty is four slide presses. These presses offer the advantages of flexibility, precision, uniformity, and low running costs when compared to other forms of stamping. And with the help of our highly skilled staff of press operators, H & M's quality and efficiency are unmatched.

Our tooling and design department will interface with your design department to help design your parts for practical manufacture as required.


Our journeymen tool makers which are NTDPMA trained can produce tooling to meet your part tolerance criteria, commonly to +- 002 and to +- .0001” and tighter as needed. Complicated stamping forms are commonly contoured using traveling wire electrical discharge machine. Tooling precision is enhanced by grinding, lapping and polishing
Close communication with the customers engineering departments allows H & M Four Slide Inc. to use our production capabilities for our customers Best interest.
Our in house tooling department offers our customers the flexibility and experience to produce the finest crafted parts at the most exacting standards.
Through the use of our EDM machine, our tooling department custom designs and manufactures the highest quality dies for the tightest tolerances while eliminating the need for some secondary operations. This saves time and increases reliability. Our customers depend on H & M's policy of precision and quality, and so should you.

Our tool makers evaluate all quality and technical issues and then assess the production alternatives to ensure our customers receive the finest products at the most cost effective price


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